Chart Trading

Here you can find out what are the possibilities for manual trading in Quantower directly from the chart.

Trading with the quick trade toolbar The quick trade toolbar appears by clicking on the button marked on the picture. If you don't have it you should enable it from the chart settings. See here how it is done.

Quantity is the number of lots for a trade. Here you can set your custom values according to your risk and money management. See chart settings for how to do this.

Description Time

Trigger is a method of calculating your profit or loss. You can choose at the last price or at the price the broker marks

Then you can set automatic stop loss and profit in pips. It's very convenient to set the lot size and protect it. Specify your values in the appropriate fields.

Pricing automation

Next comes a block of buttons for quickly placing an order into the betting slots at the appropriate price.

Next comes a large block of functions for managing the current position. You can delete or limit orders or stops. You can also reverse your position with one button or set it to no loss. These are very functional buttons, do not miss them.

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