Set as Default

Set as Default option allows to customize the panel and save its settings by default. Each newly opened panel of this type will apply the saved settings.

Flexible platform settings allow you to customize any panel on your own. Change the font, color, add indicators, determine the displaying of the required columns in the table, etc.

But if you don’t want to configure the newly opened panels of this type every time, we have created the "Set as Default" option that redefines the factory settings.

How Set as Default works?

  • Open the panel for which you want to assign new settings.

  • Customize the panel. For example, on the chart panel, add any indicator, change the font size of the price axis, change the background color.

  • Click on the panel's context menu (left upper corner) and click on the "Set as Default". You will see the message "Settings saved as default layout".

  • A new panel of this type will open with saved settings.

If you enable volume analysis tools on the chart panel and save it by default, then each new chart panel will be loading tick and volume data. It will increase traffic consumption and reduce the speed of building chart data.

In the latest version of the platform, we have removed the "Reset to Default" option. Therefore, each time clicking on the "Set as Default" you redefine the previous settings.

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