You have found a bug. What’s next?

If you faced an abnormal application’s behavior while using Quantower — don’t panic.

Bug or not?

In most cases, this will be misconfigured settings or misunderstood functionality, but sometimes it can be a bug (mistake) in application. So, let’s clarify how to detect that your case is a bug and how to submit a useful bug report to our support team.

First of all, you need to make sure that your case is a bug. To do this, please complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of the application. We constantly release updates, containing the latest bug fixes, so your case can be one of those we have already fixed.

  2. Refer to the feature documentation and make sure that your case DOES NOT contradict its normal behavior logic. Sometimes, some features logic in our application can be different from other applications that you are used to, and this is not a bug, but a subject to discussion or feature improvement. If your case was solved on this step — please refer to our discussion groups and share your feature enhancement vision with other traders.

  3. Try to backup & reset your settings to defaults and check whether your case appears now. More about settings reset can be found in our video manual. Sometimes you can face strange behavior as a result of an accident (misunderstood) setting change. It can even be a single checkbox, switched on several days ago that you’ve forgotten about. If your case was solved on this step, please roll back your previous settings and try to reset them per each panel by removing (renaming) its folders in the "Settings" -> "plug-ins" folder. You may also refer to our Support team with your case for additional help.

Reporting a bug

If both previous steps don't help you — your case may be a bug. Now you need to provide our Support team with a detailed description of your problem. The more information you give us — the faster we will help you. To formalize the bug report, we ask you to provide info using the following template:

  • Short description. What you expect from your actions, and what you’ve got. Any useful info, that you think must help us to find this bug and solve it.

  • Application version. It can be found on About screen; please mention whether you use a Beta version.

  • Connection. Please specify the connection you used when your case occurred; maybe several names if it shows on both.

  • Steps to reproduce. How we can reproduce your issue?

Simple bug report example:

  • Short description Can’t turn the chart price scale off. The price scale should hide but still showing.

  • Application version 1.92.5 (Beta)

  • Connection: AMP/CQG

  • Steps to reproduce 1 - open Chart panel, 2 - right-click the price scale, 3 - click “show/hide” option

Please, once you finish the description of your case, please email it to our Support team - We will respond to you and try to help as soon as possible.

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