Working Orders

Working orders panel displays all currently placed orders.

Once you places a new order, it appears in this panel and becomes available to be managed. Working orders panel is related to Portfolio group of Control Center sidebar.

Available columns


Login name of an account that placed order


A traded symbol


Comments for symbol

Symbol type

A symbol's market category (Futures, CFD, spot, stocks, etc.)

Expiration date

Date of contract expiration

Strike price

Price of option contract performance


Type of trade (BUY or SELL)

Order type

Type of order


Amount of a order, either in lots or in units, depending on what is selected in the Settings dialog box

Qty. filled

Executed quantity of the order, in case of partial filling

Qty. remaining

Difference between quantity and executed quantity, in case of partial filling


Price at which the order is to be executed.

Trigger price


The order's time in force


Order status

Current price

Current market price for order's symbol

Stop loss

Stop loss price set for a order

Take profit

Take profit price set for a order


Date and time when a order was placed

Order ID

A unique number that the trading system assigns to each order

Order group ID

Connection name

Context menu actions

By right-clicking on each row of Working orders panel, you will get a context menu with the following functions:

Selected order(s) actions

Modify order

Invokes the modification screen, allowing to modify orders parameters

Quick SL/TP

Allows quick adding SL/TP orders to selected orders

Change to Market

Change order type to Market for selected orders

Cancel order

Allows canceling all selected orders, all orders by selected symbol, all orders by selected account, all orders

Common actions

Group by

Groups all rows by the selected column

Columns visibility

Allows to toggle the columns visibility

Hot buttons toolbar

In order to manage your orders efficiently, there is a Hot buttons toolbar in Working orders panel. It allows trader to perform the most crucial actions with each, several or all available order in one click.

Depending on the panel settings, hot buttons can proceed without confirmation screen. Please be careful while using them.

Hot buttons list

Cancel all

Cancel all orders

Cancel buy

Cancel all buy orders

Cancel sell

Cancel all sell orders

Cancel limits

Cancel all limit orders

Cancel stops

Cancel all stop orders

Cancel days

Cancel all orders with TIF Day

Cancel GTCs

Cancel all orders with TIF GTC

Cancel selected

Cancel all selected orders

Cancel <Symbol>

Cancel all orders by selected Symbol

Modify order

Show Modify order screen for selected orders

Change to Market

Change order type to Market for selected orders

Hot buttons visibility

By default, not all of the available Hot buttons are displayed on Working orders panel's toolbar. You can manage visibility of that buttons using the context menu: right-click with your mouse and toggle the desired buttons.

Hot buttons are situated on panel's toolbar, so become unavailable once you disable toolbar for specific panel in panel's settings.

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