How to setup DOM for Scalping

In this article we will look at the basic doom settings for scalping

The essence of scalping is to see large orders in the stack and act in the context of the market situation. Let's take a look at how I set up the Dom. And so for that let's go to the column settings and select Bids and Asks. At first I remove the gradient setting it is a little uncomfortable for my eyes. I want to see contrasting volumes. Observe the Dom and choose really big volumes and specify that value in the settings

Next, I specify my standard volumes for the trade. According to my money management I take the following shoulders 1, 2, 5,10, 20. It is very convenient to quickly change volume based on market situation.

For instant order management I use quick response panel and hotkeys/ I learned some hotkeys and use keyboard to trade. For example, I quickly close a position or flip a position from buying to selling.

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